This page contains links which lead to WWW pages of several of my friends,
cohorts, acquaintances, and accomplices--perhaps even to places I've worked.

MAP-Milestone Allied Productions®
: Digital Media Services of Non-Linear Video (Editing, Composite Effects, 3D Animations) and Audio (Scoring, Sound Effects) for Advertisements, Documentaries, Independent Films, Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Logo Spots, Medical, Educational, Industrial, and Corporate productions.
Steve DeCaroli's Cool Site
Steve DeCaroli's Cool Site


This is another one of my friends' sites.  Who shall
be simply referred to as:  Whoami

The regimental website of...

The Great Hall of the DCMS
(Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery)
4th NSDA (NightStalkers Death's Angels)

A page for those interested in BATTLETECH history and gaming,
specifically BattleChat and Multi-Player BATTLETECH.

You can try Mirror1 or Mirror2

Evergreen Oak Electric/Crest Lighting Studios

"Your source for everything electrical."
Evergreen Oak Electric/Crest Lighting Studios are wholesalers/retailers of electrical supplies, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and accessories. Their business philosophy from inception: "To strongly emphasize service while providing quality merchandise at competitive prices." They have been a leader in the Chicago and suburban area electrical supply and lighting fixture market for over 30 years.

So why is this here?  Well I spent a great part of my childhood here putting chain links together and left them for somebody else to dismantle, it was one of my first jobs, and my dad started it.

Alas Suite Software, Inc. is closed down.
Still, I like the graphic so it stays here.